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News for The Verandas

Nest E thermostats

Posted On: 08/10/2021

Everything is easy when your apartment is breezy—thanks to our Nest E thermostats!

High ceilings for high standards

Posted On: 08/05/2021

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating—the dramatic ceilings in #TheVerandas homes are there to match your high st...

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Schedule a tour!

Posted On: 08/03/2021

If our eye-catching building grabbed your attention, the interiors will captivate you even more.

Cheesecake Day

Posted On: 07/30/2021

How to end the week and month on a high note? Celebrate #CheesecakeDay with a scrumptious slice!

Take control of your life!

Posted On: 07/26/2021

Our controlled-access entries mean literally that—at #TheVerandas, you take control of your life ??.

Funny dogs

Posted On: 07/22/2021

“Hi! Just popped up to sacrifice myself for some belly rubs. I’m doing it for you. No enjoyment in it for me. You’re wel...

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Spa with Wi-Fi

Posted On: 07/19/2021

Though it’s where you go to disconnect, we still offer Wi-Fi at the spa. Just in case.


Posted On: 07/16/2021

What’s your go-to spot for a Friday night well spent? We can’t decide between TGI Fridays and Malibu Wines & Beer Ga...

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Verandas lifestyle

Posted On: 07/13/2021

Reading is for the mind, yoga is for the body, and your Verandas home is perfect for both. What’s the plan for today? ...

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Rocky Peak Park

Posted On: 07/08/2021

At Rocky Peak Park, the views are something else.. Sandstone rocks and rolling hills everywhere you look, with glimpses ...

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